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Welcome to Memorial Trail Ice House! See below for some of our policies that should answer many of our commonly asked questions.
  • We are a bar first and foremost. Therefore, anyone under 21 must be chaperoned by a parent or guardian. Children are allowed in our backyard until dark or 7 pm, whichever comes earlier during the year.
  • Private Club: Due to our proximity to Memorial Elementary School, we hold a Private Club License through the TABC. Upon arrival at MTIH, you will be asked for your ID and scanned into our system. By doing this, you are becoming a member of MTIH Private Club. You are then a member for 99 years, at no cost to you. You will be asked to provide your ID on subsequent visits, but you only have to become a member once.
  • Dog Friendly Patio: Dogs are allowed on our patio and must remain leashed and under control of their owner at all times. Only service animals are allowed inside the building.